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Friday, February 22, 2008

Final(ish) Goldilocks painting

So, I am pretty much done with my Goldilocks painting. I just need to add some more highlights and shadow. This is my first oil piece since college, so it was definitely a fun (and challenging) experience... also not to mention a long process. Yep, between work, getting the GirlsDrawinGirls Vol. 2 book together, and organizing GDG for an art show at the Hive March 1st, I have not gotten a lot of sleep. Yep... tonight, after I publish this blog, I plan on reading, sleeping (oh, the joy of sleep!), then taking a relaxing yoga class in the morning. Hurray for my art break!


Blogger barb michelen said...

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11:15 AM  
Blogger Dee C.K. said...

Turned out great!;)

5:16 PM  

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