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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Carmen Mirandarth

So, me, Anne Walker, and Debbie Bruce of GirlsDrawinGirls created a Darth Vader helmet for "The Vader Project" ( ), an art show touring the globe displaying Darth Vader helmets painted and created upon by various artists. Some of the artists included names such as Shag and Gary Baseman, so I was pleased that we got the be a part of it. We decided our theme would be "Carmen Mirandarth". Darth Vader meets Carmen Miranda... can you say "Fabulouuuuuuuus!!!!!" Oh hell yeah. Enjoy!


Blogger Bearuh said...

AWESOMMMMMEEE!!!! I just found you through the girlsdrawingirls site... What a great site!!

3:41 PM  

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